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IGT IGame Key 22 Install Instructions

IGT I Game Plus Key 22 Chip Installation Instructions

1.   Turn power off to machine
2.   Remove processor tray located below the monitor.  (Pull on handle while holding under tray)
3.   Place processor tray on a flat surface.
4.   Replace all software chips and simms with your new set of software accept for the larger base chip.
5.   Find the Base Chip on the processor board.  (located behind the LED’s and test button)
6.   Position feet on ground and do not move.  (Grounding yourself)
7.   Hold hands on processor metal tray.  Wait a 5 seconds before proceeding  (Grounding)
8.   Observe the half moon (nudge) on the top of the Base Chip and take note of its position.
9.   While holding the processor tray handle, place chip remover lengthwise against Base Chip (lengthwise = long; widthwise = short)  DO NOT POSITION CHIP REMOVER WIDTHWISE!
10.   Pinch chip remover against the Base Chip lengthwise and pull straight upwards.
11.   Lay the Base Chip to the side in the same direction it was in when in the processor board.  This will ensure the chip is re-installed later in the same direction.
12.   Lightly lay Key Chip 22 into the Base Chip Slot ensuring that all legs line up with the holes.  It's best to insert one side of the pins in, then rock the other side in flexing the pins if necessary.
13.   Gently Push Key Chip 22 completely into the slot ensuring it’s completely secured and level and that the chip nudge is in the proper direction.
14.   Install the processor tray into the machine and ensure the tray is flush and parallel to the metal chassis below.
15.   Turn the power on to the machine leaving the door open.
16.   A menu will show up with 3 green bar menus and 1 red menu.  Turn the jackpot key once and then press the test button on the board.  Repeat this a total of three times so that the 3 green bars say "YES" on the far right and the red bar is highlighted.  Then turn the jackpot key a 4th time.
17.   Wait for the machine to reset and you will eventually see a green box that says "power down your machine and replace the base chip".
18.   Power down your machine, remove the board, and replace the Key chip with your original game chip.  Make sure it is put back in the correct direction.
19.   Turn the machine.  After awhile an alarm will sound via the speakers and you will see the message "RAM error".  Turn your jackpot key twice at this time.  The machine will continue the boot process.
20.   After another short while an alarm will sound via the speakers and you will see the message "EEPROM error".  Turn your jackpot key twice at this time.  The machine will continue the boot process.
21.   Eventually the machine will say "Initializing" and then take you to the KEY CHIP MENU
22.   It's now time to input your desired machine settings.  NOTE ~ do not allow the key chip menu to sit idle for more than 60 seconds without input otherwise the machine will reboot and you will need to restart from STEP 1 above.
23.   Key Chip menus can look different for various game titles, but the concept of what you must accomplish is the same as follows:


If you have an International version of software, you must find the Currency menu and tell it you are using US "$" currency.  After this or any input of information as you work through the Key Chip process, always touch the "SAVE" button.  If your software is not International, then you can skip this step and go on to denomination below.


You must set the base ACCOUNTING, COIN, and CREDIT denominations.  

Find the denomination settings screen(s).  

If your software is Single denomination, Set your ACCOUNTING denomination for the amount per credit you plan to play with.  If you have a Hopper set the COIN denomination for the value of your coin or token you are using.  Save and exit.

If your software is Multi-Denomination, Set your ACCOUNTING denomination for 1-Cent.  If you are using a Hopper then set your the COIN denomination for the value of your coin or token you are using.  Finally set up the value of all your credit values that you want to enable by touching the big box at the bottom then select all the different values you want on the right hand side.  Save and exit.


Go into the devices menu.  Make sure your printer is enabled if you are using one.  Enable or disable your hopper and coin comparator depending on whether or not you are using one.  Save and exit.


Go into the Game Menu and set the percentage of payout that you want by selecting it.  If your software is Multi-denominational you can set different payout percentages for each credit value you have enabled.  You can also manipulate the Max Bet in this area of th menu if you wish.


If you are using the printer to cash out, you need to go into the COMM menu.  Find VALIDATION and make sure it's setting is SAS STANDARD.  Save and exit.

24.  Once all settings above are input and saved.  Touch the EXIT KEY MENU tab.
25.  The machine will reboot and the game will come up with a box in the menu.  Touch the    OKAY button and close the door.  Wait 60 seconds and verify that the bill validator lights    up and ready to take money.
26.  Prior to putting money on your machine and playing.  Open the door again, press the white    test button to bring up the menu.  Find and adjust the following settings:


Under the Machine Options / Setting menu find LIMITS.  If you are cashing out coins then set the maximum amount you want it to pay to the tray.  Any amount over that will be a hand pay or print to a ticket.  If you want it to go to a HAND PAY if you don't have a hopper then set the HOPPER LIMIT for ZERO.  If you have enabled your Printer and want all cashed out credits to go to the printer, then set the HOPPER LIMIT for ZERO.


Find the SOUND menu and adjust your volume.  Typically its default setting will be too loud for you.

27.  Once accomplished close your door, wait 30 seconds for the bill validator to light up and you are good to go.

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